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  • 2019-11-14 18:48:09
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1.I used to be a part time tutor for 7–13 years kids during my college days.I learnt one very important thing from job : Patience.Teaching young kids with endless questions from maths to computer game cheats, making faces , pulling tantrums, etc. I remember that every time I am about lose my head. I become very patient with people I currently work with. Patience is the key for learning new things and managing man power.



2.I was responsible for the mail room.Every day I would take the envelopes for that day from a large file cabinet and put them into large mailbags.George taught me an important lesson: when you are given a job, you are responsible to do that job. You’ re a part of a team, and when the team works, you work. You can’t come and go whenever you want to.



3.My first job was as a waitress. The most important thing I learned in that job was that I wanted nothing to do with the food service industry, which is no small lesson for an aspiring actor. After one more brief dalliance with restaurant work in college, I figured out there were lots of other survival jobs that were a better fit.


4.I learned the importance of working with and learning from others - people with different experiences than I had who could teach me a lot.

我了解到与他人合作和学习的重要性 - 比我经历更多的人可以教会我很多东西。


5.First I learned punchuality.join office timely and do every work given by seniors and say always yes. Respect to seniors and officers.How to improve work they always give me tips and tricks.